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Certified Hemp Products Crafted for Sophisticated Customers

Our Bourbon Belt family is passionately committed to provisioning 100% natural alternative therapeutic solutions. Our Kentucky Grown cultivated hemp flower is exclusively sold directly to consumers, no brokers, retailers or third-parties. We are all about putting our hemp products into your hands, hassle-free.

Our delectable hemp flower is grown 100% organically; scientifically analyzed and verified by an independent third-party for purity and strength, and certified by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

Bourbon Belt’s dedication to cultivating the finest Kentucky Grown hemp for our chill customers includes:

  • Greenhouse grown, free of contamination
  • Perfectly balanced soil compositions provide optimal growing conditions
  • Plant hydration adheres to stringent PH requirements
  • Continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity levels 
  • The use of ORMI Organic Nutrients for each growth stage
  • No — as in ZERO, NADA, ZIP — pesticides
  • Licensed and certified farming

We hand-raise all of our lush, verdant hemp plants in greenhouses, shielding them from contamination. Our crops are monitored daily and responsively, to boost quality that translates to every Bourbon Belt smooth and sensational product. Our Master Grower assesses each stage of hemp flower development, and verifies the timing to harvest based industry protocols: the presence of golden or red trichomes, bud density, aroma, and overall presentation. Prior to harvesting, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture certifies the crop meets compliance standards. 

If you’re ready to enhance your life with Bourbon Belt’s 100% natural hemp products, click here.