CBD University

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Getting Hip to the Lingo:

• CBD (Cannabidiol) is naturally occurring component of the hemp plant; one of 85 unique chemical compounds; safe for human consumption and non-intoxicating.
• Terpenes dictate aroma and flavor
• Trichomes hold the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, look like little hairs, make the flowers sticky and repel insects. 
• Consumption options for Cannabidiol (formats) include:

o Infusions: edibles, elixirs, sublingual sprays, and salves (i.e. topicals)
o Concentrates: raw oil, vape pens
o Isolate: the crystalline form of CBD
o Flower: combusting or vaporizing
o Tinctures: alcohol-infused hemp
o where does tea fall into this?

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What Hemp Does for You, and for the World

Research shows CBD, which kickstarts the body’s central regulatory system, is life changing for many users, with no intoxication. Benefits vary, and may include:

• Bodily processes such as appetite, mood elevation and improved sleep
• Relieving ailments including seizures
• Anti-inflammatory pain relief 
• Homeostasis—optimized functioning

Even the most experienced hemp aficionados may be surprised to learn of the more than 400 modern solutions hemp and its byproducts offers the world:

• Bioplastics and biofuels (eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable)
• An ingredient in baking and beverage crafting
• Lotions, face, hair and body care products
• Shoes

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